Manual Setup Instructions for Keepgo eSIM | Keepgo

Additional Manual Setup Instructions for eSIM Data Bundles

Take the following steps to set up eSIM data bundles manually.

For iOS
  • Go to Settings
  • Mobile Data
  • Keepgo eSIM
  • scroll down until you see SIM application
  • Subscriptions
  • Manual mode
  • Operator 2*
For Android
  • Use the search on your phone and find SIM Toolkit (or SIM menu/tools)
  • Subscriptions
  • Manual mode
  • Operator 2*

*for Sagittarius it should be Operator2; Columba — Operator1; Leo — Operator1; Pisces — Operator2, except Greece, France and Turkey, for which please choose Operator1

Also, it’s helpful to make sure the Voice&Data is set to 4G/LTE (sometimes it is set as 5G as default).